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Basseng Service - Turkey

We have established branch in Turkey. Our products will be heat pumps for heating
of the swimming pool and automatic control of chlorine and PH.

The picture is from a conditioning in Alanya, Turkey. There are 3 pieces of heat pumps a total of 87 kw heat to the pool.

This pool will be heated to 25 ° C all winter. This is the cheapest way to heat the swimming pool.

Energy as:

* Power provided 1 kw
* Free allocated 4.5 kw (heat pumps) to pool 5.5 kw

Our experience is that Turkish pool CHLORINE content is very variable
Typical are: much CHLORINE morning and little or nothing about the evening

Our automatic CHLORINE-PH conditioning is very reliable and easy to use and provides a secure and stable value all the time



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